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Social Well-being: How important is it to achieving happiness?

Well-being can be physical, mental, and social. Social well-being is connecting with others to create “positive” relationships. If these falter, then there should be an appropriate response aimed at a harmonious and balanced social life.

Social relationships create the so-called “support systems”. These systems can shield human beings and protect them from the possible struggles that await them during their lives. Harvard University conducted an 80-year study of adult development on the connections between marital satisfaction, social life, and happiness to establish whether social well-being matters for the attainment of happiness. The researchers found that participants who spent more time with others reported higher levels of happiness.

In order to succeed in building new social relationships and to stimulate the maintenance of existing relationships, you can apply some of the following tips:

1) Meet new people through social networks, community events, mutual acquaintances, or volunteer service.

2) Schedule a weekly online date with friends and family who live far away and spend some time sharing your news.

3) Communicate via text message at least once a day or every other day.

The impact of surrounding yourself with those you care about cannot be understated. When life’s demands are increased, so does stress. That is why it is necessary to turn to someone for support and understanding. Building and maintaining these “support systems” takes time and energy, but the building of “support systems” is worth 100%.