Premium Asana Box

12 handmade Holigreen Premium bars of your choice

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Create your own box!

Μπορείτε να διαλέξετε 12 τεμάχια από την Premium Σειρά μας ( Hawaiian Wave, Incas, Green Earth, Indi Blue, Peachy, Red Forest)
και 12 τεμάχια από την κανονική μας σειρά ( Μπάρα Κακάο Βύσσινο, Μπάρα Λεμόνι Τζίντζερ, Μπάρα Μπισκότο Φράουλα, Μπάρα Διπλή Σοκολάτα )
  • Red Forest Protein Raw Bar

    The premium superfood handmade Red Forest Bar with pea protein and hippophae fills you with freshness and captivates you with its taste.

  • Peachy Protein Raw Bar

    The Peachy flavor of the handmade Holigreen Peachy Protein bar is a mixture of royal dates with dried apricots and organic Ceylon cinnamon.

  • Indi Blue Protein Raw Bar

    A blue, premium handmade bar with royal dates, blue organic matcha tea and blackberries: have you tried it?

  • Green Earth Raw Bar

    The handmade Green Earth Bar is based on white fig along with matcha green tea and pistachio.

    Enjoy a premium bar inspired by the earth itself, which offers you antioxidant properties, is rich in vitamin C and magnesium, and helps to reduce stress.

  • Incas Raw Bar

    This premium handmade bar will get you addicted to the pleasure. Gourmet taste with fine ingredients from organic cocoa beans, high quality coffee, royal dates and macadamia nuts, Holigreen’s Incas Raw Bar takes the bar to another level of gastronomy and takes you on a tasteful journey.

  • Hawaiian Wave Raw Bar

    Carefreeness, freshness, summer and Hawaii are all that come to your mind with the first dive … or rather bite.

    Coconut and pineapple take you on a journey and fill you with flavor and energy with low fat.

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