Asana Box

12 handmade Holigreen bars of your choice

Create your own box with the options below.


Create your own box!

Μπορείτε να διαλέξετε 12 τεμάχια από την Premium Σειρά μας ( Hawaiian Wave, Incas, Green Earth, Indi Blue, Peachy, Red Forest)
και 12 τεμάχια από την κανονική μας σειρά ( Μπάρα Κακάο Βύσσινο, Μπάρα Λεμόνι Τζίντζερ, Μπάρα Μπισκότο Φράουλα, Μπάρα Διπλή Σοκολάτα )
  • Handmade Cocoa – Sour Cherry Raw Bar

    Dried sour cherry, with organic cocoa and walnuts compose the sweetest and tastiest combination, with low fat, rich in fiber

  • Handmade Lemon – Ginger Raw Bar

    Organic ginger, with natural lemon extract and organic agave syrup, are a special flavor combination with antioxidant properties, giving the necessary energy to the intense rhythms of everyday life.

  • Handmade Strawberry Biscuit Protein Raw Bar

    The buttery taste of handmade cashew butter and peanut butter, with pieces of dried strawberry and organic pea protein compose the ideal healthy nutritious snack, whether you are exercising or simply want a healthy choice.

  • Handmade Double Chocolate Raw Bar

    For chocolate lovers, handmade hazelnut butter with organic cocoa and pieces of dark chocolate (100% cocoa mass) offer a wonderful chocolate flavor in its healthiest version.

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