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Holistic lifestyle: Hard or easy choice?

The modern lifestyle is demanding and “unhealthy” because if we want to cope with the fast pace of everyday life, we need to resort to easy solutions such as junk food.

The temptations are many and they invite you to succumb to them at every opportunity. But is this a sign of modern times and a fact that doesn’t change or is it just another excuse for a cheat day?

Of course, it’s an excuse! Because if someone wants to change their lifestyle radically, they just can! Wellness is a personal choice and can be possible by each of us by adopting simple habits that help us self-improve on all levels.

It is not always easy to change our lifestyle, and we may not be able to make 100% healthy choices. But, we can make the best “healthy” choices given our circumstances. That is to say, we should reduce bad habits and introduce new ones into our daily program. For example, we can start by significantly reducing the amount of junk food we consume during the week and taking a 30-minute walk after work. Thus, we improve our diet, physical condition, and mental health noticeably.

It matters that we start and we will make progress in time, gaining the well-being that we all seek in the intense rhythms of everyday life.