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Holistic fitness: What is it and what are the benefits?

Holistic philosophy assumes a balanced way of life, which includes taking care of ourselves as a whole. It is not enough to nurture only our spirit, soul and mind, so we must take care of the well-being of our body on a daily basis or as often as possible. What is the best way to achieve this? But of course, holistic fitness combined with a balanced diet.

Holistic exercise or otherwise holistic fitness is part of a mindset that aims at self-care and at the same time it is also a healthy habit that we should all incorporate into our daily lives more or less in a way that suits everyone best. As its name suggests, holistic fitness addresses the whole person, not just the training techniques involved.

The goal of holistic fitness is well-being, simultaneously achieving physical fitness and athletic performance through a combination of mental and physical pathways. Holistic trainers create holistic fitness programs, by combining exercise methods such as yoga, pilates, and strength exercises alongside the guidance of nutritionists to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Holistic exercise takes the classic concept of exercise one step further. The holistic approach to the development of athletic abilities is a global approach recognizing that there is much more to it than the perfect technical execution of an exercise. There are four main factors that have a catalytic effect on the final result:

  1. The psychological factor, that includes the mental, emotional and social state of the athlete.
  2. The physical condition in which you are the person.
  3. The techniques that should be followed.
  4. Different tactics of approaching the athlete from his coach.

Holistic fitness, however, recognizes all factors as essential from the outset. It doesn’t matter how good someone is at performing a sport or exercise because the goal is to develop all factors from the beginning through the interaction between the athlete and the coach.

Holistic fitness with health and good physical condition as its main focus, either through small exercise groups or in personal sessions, helps the body regain its natural balance. There are also some forms of exercise that entirely promote holistic fitness such as yoga, pilates, tai chi and orthosomics.

These training methods have both physical and mental benefits. Specifically, long-term research proves that through holistic fitness each person can better handle the stressful factors of modern life, increases well-being and mood for life, improves sleep, strengthens the body, and improves blood circulation.

Finally, holistic fitness is about everyone regardless of age and gender, offering a complete happy life under the guidance of always expert coaches.